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Tayler Tluchak About


Gronlid Saskatchewan singer/songwriter Tayler Tluchak has quickly found her way in the Country Music Industry. Her strong passion for music drove Tayler to pursue what she only dreamed possible- a career in the Country Music industry.

Tayler found her love for country music at a young age while listening to Shania Twain on repeat- always envisioning herself becoming a performer. Never believing it was actually possible, she went many years of her life keeping this talent to herself. It wasn’t until her musically talented Grandpa Tluchak passed away that Tayler decided it was time to share her gift with anyone who was willing to listen.

The perfect showcase for this Saskatchewan artist came when Tayler got the green light to perform on Telemiracle in 2016- A TV broadcasted telethon in Saskatchewan. At this performance, many of her friends and family heard her sing for the very first time. Through Telemiracle Tayler received phone calls and offers to connect with others in the industry, and from there, she began to co-write and record her own music.

"Wasn't You I Missed”, Tayler's debut single showcased her talents and expressed aspects of life and love in a small town. She then went on to record her second single “Crushin’ on You”. Highlighting her wide vocal range in a fun mix of pop and country.

With a bright and positive outlook for the future, Tayler is ready to take on whatever comes her way.

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